Our Values

Jesus Centered-Gospel Driven-Spirit Filled.

Our Values

The Cross

The cross is the terrible and wonderful news of the Gospel. It speaks of the goodness of God and the wretchedness of sin. He died so we can live. He was broken so we can be whole. He took our place, and we can take His through faith.


Family matters. God has always worked in and through families. We love our families and see strong families as the plan of God.


We take communion often because Jesus left it to us. It reminds us of who He is and what He’s done for us. It also reminds us of who we are in Him and what He’s doing in us.


Worship is our response to the love of God shown to us in Jesus Christ. The more we worship, the more we know him, the more we know Him, the more we worship Him. It’s a vicious (but amazing) cycle.


Following Jesus has been and will always be an adventure. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong. He leads us into new things for His glory. Life in Christ should never be boring.


We might be crazy, but we believe the Scripture is God’s Word. If He wrote it, we read it, and try to live like it says. It wouldn’t make sense for us to say we believe Jesus, but ignore what He taught.

Sharing Meals

We like to eat. In ancient times, eating with someone signified your relationship with them. Jesus spent lots of time eating with His disciples, friends, and even sinners. Some of His miracles even deal with food.  Eating with others gives us a chance to slow down and spend time with them.


Prayer works. We pray dangerous prayers in Jesus’ name because we serve a real God who can do anything. One of our most favorite things to ask is, “ Can I pray for you right now?”


We want to be givers, not getters. As a movement, we want to give our time, money, and lives away to those in need. As a church, we’re not looking for your money, but we will encourage you to give it to others. Please, don’t give us a dime without having first given to a real person in need.

Association of Relational Churches (ARC)

Who do you partner with?

We are partnered with the Association of Relational Churches. We are an association of relational churches working with church planters and church leaders to provide support, guidance and resources to launch and grow life-giving churches.

ARC Churches

Vineyard USA

What do you believe?

That’s a loaded question. In simple words, we believe in Jesus our King. We believe in all that He’s done, all that He’s doing, and all that He has promised to do.

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Core Values & Beliefs